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pest control newcastle
13 May

Bird Proofing Installation

  • By Arimos

Installation of Bird Proofing spikes for a local business in the Northumberland area. The client had issues with customers complaining of seagulls and pigeons leaving excrements everywhere while they were trying to eat within the outside eating area. Spikes were installed and worked effectively. The Birds no longer use this location to nest.

pest control newcastle
05 Aug

Rodent Control in Newcastle

Controlled an infestation of rats under an office in Newcastle. The rats had created a habitat under the floorboards in the kitchen where food was dropped. The food had settled under the boards creating a perfect location for the rats. Treatment was advised to force the rats out of the location and to be captured and disposed of in the correct manner.

pest control newcastle
28 Jun

Bed Bug Treatment

We provided a hotel in Newcastle upon Tyne with Bed bug treatment after some of the hotels customers complained of rashes and bites. We treated every room in the hotel. Since we treated the problem there hasnt been any problem recorded.

Pest Control in Newcastle

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